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There are not many lawyers in the Philadelphia area that can match the diverse professional experience Nicholas Mattiacci brings to Stampone Law, but, if you were to ask Nick what sets him apart? “I can dance a little bit!” Stampone Law’s employee spotlight this month is Nicholas Mattiacci, Stampone Law Trial Counsel.


Nick’s experience as a litigator, legal counsel, political advocate, corporate executive and senior government official have provided him a unique perspective that clients really relate to.


Nick comes from a big family and while most rightfully conclude Nick of Italian descent, Nick is quick to note his mother is a Scanlon.  Nick was born and raised in the Jenkintown, PA area and attended LaSalle College High School. Nick chose to attend Temple University and graduated with a B.A. in 2002. While in college Nick was the captain of Temple’s club lacrosse team and President of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, it was also at Temple that Nick met his wife, Amanda. After College Nick chose to pursue a career as an attorney by continuing his education at Widener University School of Law (DE) and graduating in 2006 Juris Doctor degree. Nick was admitted to the Bar in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey in 2006. Nick also earned a master’s degree in law, LL.M. in Trial Advocacy, from Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2008.


Nick began his professional career as a litigator with a local agency in the City of Philadelphia and was active in local politics. Politically, Nick identified as a moderate and was able to gain valuable experience working in his community and with numerous campaigns. “Republican or democrat doesn’t really matter to me, once you get over an understanding that politics is replete with political messaging, we can start going about the actual work elected officials are supposed to do on behalf of their constituents.” An opportunity presented itself for Nick’s own foray into politics in the 2012 election cycle when he became an endorsed candidate for a special election that was called for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, House District 153 in Montgomery County. As a first-time political candidate, despite being outnumbered 4-1 in voter registration, Nick relentlessly advocated his bipartisan message to his district, took part in 6 candidate debates, successfully raised over $250,000 and knocked on more than 13,000 homes in his district before losing by 1,000 votes. “No regrets, I have always enjoyed people, talking to them, asking them questions, getting to know them and letting them get to know me, the only way you can truly effectuate change in my opinion is to know who you represent and what issues are important to them.”


Following the campaign Nick was recruited to an international healthcare corporation where he held two executive positions, first serving as President of one portfolio company before being tasked with starting a new corporate development division overseeing business development for a diverse portfolio of five companies. Unfortunately, the difficult economic landscape really took a toll on the healthcare industry and detrimentally affected his company resulting in numerous executives transitioning out. “Hardest thing I ever had to deal with, Amanda and I had just recently had our third child with two other children aged 2 and 3 but, like Churchill said ‘When you’re going through Hell, keep going’ and that’s what I did.”


Nick thereafter returned to Government serving as an Administration Official for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and was asked to remain on in his official capacity with incoming Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Since leaving his appointed Government Position in 2015, Mr. Mattiacci transitioned back into private legal practice serving as Trial Counsel with Stampone Law, P.C.


Nick’s journey to Stampone Law was a natural one, Nick says he met founder Joseph Stampone through the “paisan pipeline!” “Like Joe, I was active in numerous civic and recreational boards and the National Italian American Political Action Committee was an organization we both worked with.” After getting to know one another, Joe felt strongly that Nick would be a highly effective plaintiff’s attorney, and also felt that Nick’s diverse work experience and personality would be things our Client’s really relate to.

Nick also resonated with Stampone Law’s “scrappy” boutique style as he defines it “this firm has a great mix of personalities and a strong foundation, there are good trial lawyers here.” We are as professional as professional can be but we represent everyday people, nurses, teachers, construction workers, most of whom are from the same areas in Northeast Philadelphia where my family came from.” The nature of the work is also fitting for someone so passionate about advocacy and helping others “often times our clients have nobody else to go to, they have been injured through no fault of their own and they need help—to counsel them on what remedies they may or may not have, or for someone to be an advocate on their behalf. I like being relied upon in this way, I want people to know if they have issues they can come to me and we can talk it out and determine together what is in the Client’s best interest.”


Outside of work Nick serves as chairman of the McKinley civic association in Abington and is a board member of the LaSalle College High School Alumni Association, the Liguori Academy and St. Anthony’s Society of Philadelphia.


Nick also coaches children’s soccer and is an avid sports fan himself, listing the Eagles & Sixers as his teams of choice, and citing that he’s “still got it” with his basketball skills, with a mean crossover and a solid 3 point shot. His most important role is being husband and father however, and his free time is spent with his wife Amanda, a registered nurse, their three children Luca (8), Nicky (6), Angelina (4) and two bulldogs Butch and Biff!