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Growing up in a modest Italian-American home in Northeast Philly, certain values and ethics are instilled in you from a young age; family comes before anything else; don’t take crap from anybody; be humble; don’t rat on your friends; never forget where you came from; and, did I mention family comes before anything else!

It’s these principals that have dictated my personal life and professional career. Yo Cuz will follow the trials and tribulations of the 30 year career of a kid from the neighborhood, with unwavering tenacity and drive, who started a 2 person firm in his parents garage in Tacony and grew it into the reputable and highly visible firm it is today.

From the playgrounds of Northeast Philly to the courtroom, success didn’t come easy and nothing was ever handed to me. Today more than ever, in the most challenging economic climate of my lifetime, it takes hard work, dedication, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to stay competitive.

Yo cuz, join me as I document the transformation of small old school firm into the next generation of legal professionals — tech-savvy, contemporary, sustainable, globally conscious and cutting-edge.

Through photos, videos and short stories, I want to bring you into my family, into my firm and into my life.