Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

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 As our loved ones enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities, we expect them to be cared for in the same way their family members would. Unfortunately, there are times when this does not happen, and our elderly loved ones are neglected leading to trauma, injury, or even death. If you believe your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, whether intentional or not, call Joe Stampone and his staff at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway. Our expert nursing home abuse attorneys are ready to help you get the settlement or verdict you deserve.  


What Does Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home Look Like?

Sometimes, depending on your loved one’s mental state, it can be difficult to know if they’re experiencing abuse or neglect at the hands of their caretakers. Knowing the warning signs of elder abuse can help you not only protect your loved one but build a case against the facility. Some red flags of elder abuse include:

  • Bruises or cuts that can’t be explained;
  • Dehydration and weight loss;
  • Changes to legal documents (such as a will);
  • Physical and/or emotional withdrawal from activities or socialization; 
  • Unexplained illnesses.

It is possible the nursing home or assisted living facility tells you they are short staffed, but that is not an excuse for abuse or neglect. If you notice any of these signs, or noticed them prior to your loved one’s death, reach out to our attorneys for elder abuse today. 


Learn How to Stop Nursing Home Abuse

Knowing the signs of elder abuse is just the first step. Once you’ve identified nursing home abuse, you need to report it to the police and reach out to one of our elder abuse lawyers. We can help you navigate your case, protect your loved ones, and ensure the abuse never happens again, all while recovering the compensation you deserve for the damages that were caused.

When the most innocent and vulnerable are affected by facilities who ignore basic safety rules, our attorneys will be there to pursue and find justice. Some of our recent successes include:

  • Confidential Six-Figure Settlement Our client committed suicide while a patient in an assisted living facility due to lack of proper supervision.
  •  $245,000 SettlementOur client, a mental health patient, was sexually assaulted by an employee at an assisted living facility performing a skin check of our client’s legs. An internal investigation performed by the facility determined the claim was unfounded and the employee was reinstated to full work status. Six months later, the Department of Health discovered a previously unreported incident involving the employee and another patient.  Our attorneys successfully argued the technician would have been fired before having the opportunity to assault our client had the facility properly reported, monitored, and investigated alleged sexual assault of patients by staff.
  • $225,000 SettlementOur client suffered orthopedic injuries while a patient in a nursing home resulting from the failure to properly secure her in her wheelchair.
  • $200,000 Settlement – Our client, a minor, was injured when his nurse failed to properly secure him in his wheelchair causing him to suffer a serious head injury requiring surgery.
  •  $100,000 Settlement – Our client received a settlement award after suffering a burn injury resulting from a compress being overheated in a microwave by the nursing staff.