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There are some products, depending on the season, that we use more frequently. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, blowing snow, or hitting the trails with your ATV or quad, you expect the machine you’re using to be quality-made and have safety measures in place to prevent injuries or accidents. Still, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports an average of nearly 6000 snowblower accidents, over 85,000 lawn mower accidents, and 100,000 OHV-related injuries (which includes ATVs) each year. Between the years 2017 and 2019, there were over 2000 deaths associated with OHVs (off-highway vehicles). 

Many of these accidents, injuries, and deaths could have been prevented had the product been manufactured correctly and the appropriate warnings and indications had been included with the machines. If you’ve been injured in a lawn and garden equipment or ATV accident, you need to talk to Joe Stampone and his team of lawyers today.


What Are the 4 Most Common OHV and ATV Accidents?

Oftentimes, operators of off-highway vehicles are blamed for any accidents, but the reality is that manufacturing and design errors lead to many injuries and sometimes, even death. The most common ATV injuries and worse are caused by:

  • Rollovers: Whether it’s a defective set of wheels, an unbalanced vehicle, or a design mistake, rollovers can cause life-changing accidents.
  • Ejections: Being thrown from an OHV can cause permanent injuries and even deaths. Ejections can be the result of a variety of manufacturing errors, including machine design, faulty brakes, defective tires, and more.
  • Overheating: Like any vehicle, OHVs need to regulate and distribute their heat appropriately. When this fails to happen, serious burn injuries can occur.
  • Inadequate Suspension: OHVs, ATVs, quads, and other recreational and work-related vehicles are designed for hard-hitting terrain. If the suspension is faulty or the design is flawed, it can cause any number of devastating injuries or deaths.


What Are the Most Common Lawnmower Accidents?

Lawnmower accidents happen across the country every day, and while some of them can be as minor as a small cut, sprain, or strain, others can have life-altering consequences. The most common lawn mower accidents are:

  • Projectiles: When lawn mowers cut grass, they typically have a system that helps to eject that grass. The problem is that that system can also catch rocks, landscape debris, branches, and more. If something gets caught by a lawnmower blade and ejected, it can cause severe injuries.
  • Rollovers: Riding mowers can tip and roll over much the same way that an ATV can. When this happens, the rider can be ejected from the lawnmower and subjected to dangerous spinning blades.
  • Amputations: The blades on a lawn mower can cut more than grass if the proper safety features are not present on the mower. From severe lacerations to full amputations, the injuries caused by a defective lawn mower or lawn mower part can have devastating consequences.
  • Burns and broken bones: From hot mufflers and engines to dangerous spinning parts and heavy equipment, lawnmowers can be a recipe for disaster if the machine or its parts are defective in some way.


What Are the Most Common Snow Blower Accidents?

Snowblowers come in all shapes and sizes, from small push-operated machines to riding snow blowers that are designed to handle the toughest winters. Just because a snow blower is small, however, doesn’t mean it can’t cause severe bodily harm or even death due to defective manufacturing, improper safety guards, or a lack of product warnings. Like lawnmowers, snow blowers have spinning blades that, while not sharpened to cut grass, still have the ability to cut through ice and snow. The accidents caused by snow blowers are similar to lawn mowers and include:

  • Cuts and broken bones,
  • Amputations,
  • Projectiles,
  • Burns, 
  • And more. 


Win Your ATV Accident, Lawnmower, and Snowblower Settlements With Our Help

When you or a family member experiences a preventable, devastating injury or death, you may feel alone and unsure of what to do. Our team of expert product liability attorneys including Joe Stampone and J.B. Dilsheimer are ready to step in for you and your family, investigate your case, and get you the settlement that you deserve because of an ATV or lawn and garden equipment accident. If you’re unsure whether you have a case, talk to Joe Stampone today. Our consultations are free.