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Roofing Accident and Construction Falls Attorney

Leading Falls-from-Height Lawyer Based in Philadelphia

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites falls as the leading cause of deaths in the construction industry. While it is one of the most preventable accidents on the jobsite, fall hazards continue to be present on job sites, and workers’ safety is constantly being put at risk. If you’re working at a height of four feet, you’re at risk for an accident, and OSHA requires fall protection to be provided at six feet in the construction industry (or any time you’re working over equipment or machinery). When your safety is not prioritized, and you are injured on the job due to a fall, you need our fall hazard attorneys at your side. 

Were you involved in a non-construction-related slip or fall? Learn more about our expertise.


What Are the 3 Major Types of Fall Hazards in Construction?

There are a wide variety of fall hazards at a roofing project or construction site, but OSHA identifies 3 major types of fall hazards in construction. They are:

  1. Unprotected roof edges, roof and floor openings, structural steel and leading edges;
  2. Improper scaffold construction; and
  3. Unsafe portable ladders. 

As fall from height attorneys, we understand that every construction worker and roofer should be able to work safely on the job site. You should be given the proper guardrails, hole covers, fall protection equipment, and training to ensure your safety.  If you were injured, or if your loved one died, because of a fall hazard, it’s time to seek justice. Contact Joe Stampone today so we can help you build a winning case and get you the financial compensation you deserve. 


Who Can Be At Fault for a Construction Site Fall or Roofing Fall?

One of the key benefits of working with our seasoned team of expert attorneys is that we understand how to investigate construction site and roofing falls. There can be a number of parties responsible when a fall happens, and it’s important to identify all of those who are liable in order to get you the settlement both you and your family deserve. Parties at fault for a construction site fall can include:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Owners
  • Manufacturer
  • Third-party property owners
  • Project managers
  • Architects 
  • Engineers

If you get hurt on a construction site, a variety of decisions, equipment failures, and environmental factors could be contributing factors in the accident. Trust Joe Stampone and his team to ensure no stone is left unturned as we identify who is at fault.


Win Your Construction Site Fall or Roofing Fall Settlement With Help From Us

When you’ve experienced a devastating injury or a death of a loved one due to a preventable fall accident, you need a partner to stand at your side and fight for you. At Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway, that’s exactly what we do. Our decades of experience in construction-related litigation and fall from height roofing accidents will ensure we identify who is at fault and win the compensation you deserve. If you’re ready to talk to our team, give Joe Stampone a call. Your first consultation is always free.