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Structural Failure & Building Collapse Attorney

Winning Building & Structural Collapse Lawyer Based in Philadelphia

Buildings require certain structural elements to keep them standing safely for anyone inside or around them. The same is true when actually constructing the building—certain safety measures must be executed to prevent things like structural failures and collapses. When these safety measures are ignored, or key structural elements are faulty, catastrophic building collapses can occur. If you or a loved one was injured or died in a building or trench collapse or structural failure, you need the lawyers at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway at your side to fight for and win full compensation. 


What Are the Different Types of Structure Collapse?

There are two main types of structural collapses: a partial collapse where only part of the structure fails, and a complete collapse where the entire structure falls down. The problem with a partial collapse is that it’s possible more elements in the structure could buckle due to the added pressure being placed on them. This is called a progressive collapse.

As experienced lawyers in building and structural collapses, we know it’s crucial to understand exactly how a structure collapsed in order to determine who is at fault for the building’s failure. Collapses can occur as:

  • Horizontal or Pancake Collapse:
    In a multi-level structure, one floor falls on top of another as the building implodes.


  • Cantilever Collapse:
    A cantilever is a central support structure that stretches horizontally and is supported only on one end. If a support fails, all pressure is placed on a single cantilever, causing not just a partial collapse, but, likely, a progressive collapse. As an example, the Commodore Barry Bridge in Pennsylvania is a type of cantilever bridge.


  • Tent or A-Frame Collapse:
    An a-frame requires support on all three sides—the floor and two walls. When one of those sides fails, a collapse occurs.


  • V-Shaped Collapse:
    When floor joists are improperly installed or overloaded, the middle of the floor can collapse, creating a V-shape.


  • Lean-to Collapse:
    This type of collapse occurs when a load-bearing wall collapses, leaving the rest of the load on the other walls. 

In the case of any type of collapse, we work with experts to understand the cause of the structural failure in order to establish who the negligent party was, whether it was the property owner, a manufacturer, contractor(s), architect, engineer, or someone else.


Hire Us to Win Your Structural Failure & Building Collapse Lawsuit Settlement

When an accident is as serious as a structural failure and building collapse, you need guidance from experts to understand all of your legal options. Whether you’ve been impacted by a devastating injury or the death of a loved one, call Joe Stampone today. Our construction lawyers who specialize in structure failures and building collapses know how to hold the right parties responsible and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

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