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School and Institutional Abuse Attorneys

Winning Institutional Lawyer Based in Philadelphia

Whether it’s a school, a summer camp, fostercare, or church, we expect our institutions to adhere to the law and create safe, healthy spaces for everyone—from children to adults. When these institutions fail us, and abuse occurs, whether it’s direct violence or neglect, Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway is here to ensure the victims and their families find justice. 


What is School and Institutional Abuse?

School abuse and institutional abuse, also known as organizational abuse, occurs when anyone entrusted to their care is harmed or neglected. This abuse can take many different forms, including: 

  • Confinement and restraint
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Neglect
  • Improper living conditions
  • Lack of medical care

This sort of abuse can be at the hands of those who are trusted the most in the victim’s life, and they often go unreported. If you know someone who has been the victim of abuse at the hands of a counselor, educator, clergyperson, or another institution professional, our lawyers at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway are ready to help you build a winning case. 


Where Does Institutional Abuse Happen and What Are the Signs?

Typically, institutional abuse happens at organizations outside the home. There could be multiple perpetrators or only one, and we work to identify every party involved. Institutional abuse happens at:

  • School
  • Church
  • Foster care 
  • Prison
  • Clubs
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Nursing homes
  • Social organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Athletic organizations 

In many instances, abuse is hidden by both the organization and the victim. That’s why it’s important for guardians and loved ones to look for the signs. They include:

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Isolating behavior
  • Belittlement by caregivers toward the victim
  • Physical marks
  • Lack of respect for religious beliefs
  • Not allowing visitation
  • Sudden mood changes

If you have a loved one who has been the victim of institutional or school abuse, our attorneys at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway are ready to get you the settlement you deserve. 


Hire Us to Win Your School and Institutional Abuse Lawsuit Settlement

When school abuse or organizational abuse happens, you need an experienced team of attorneys to ensure that the abusers are brought to justice and the institutions pay for their crimes. Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway works with victims of these terrible crimes to build a winning case.