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Boat Accident Attorney

Winning Boating Accident Lawyer Based in Philadelphia

When the weather is right, boating and watercraft sports become one of the most popular recreational activities in the country. Jet skis, pontoon boats, fishing vessels, and motorboats all take to the water, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly operate these vehicles or the rules of the water. This can lead to injuries or even death. If a boating accident has caused injury or death in your family, talk to the experts at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway today. 


Who is Responsible for an Accident on the Water?

Any time someone takes a boat or craft onto the water, they have to both know and abide by the rules. This means everything from having the proper safety equipment, like life jackets, in place and educating everyone onboard how to use them to ensuring the machinery essential to the safe operation of the vessel is both maintained and inspected. When maritime rules and regulations are broken and an accident or death occurs, these are some of the people who could be found responsible:

  • Captain and crews;
  • Boat manufacturers;
  • Watercraft rental companies;
  • Charter businesses; and
  • Recreational boat operators.

If you suspect your injury or a death in your family was due to negligence on the water of any kind, don’t wait to contact Joe Stampone and his team of lawyers today. 


What Compensation am I Entitled to After a Boating Accident?

The reason you need experts to represent you in your watercraft accident case is because you have to be sure you’re getting every penny you’re entitled to. Our team at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway understands the intricacies of boat accident cases and will ensure we get you the settlement you deserve. When someone else’s negligence or intentional disregard for safety caused your accident, you’re entitled to compensation that includes:


  • All medical expenses that were incurred due to the accident
  • Physical therapy and follow-up care 
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Quality of life changes

Don’t trust just any lawyer for your boating accident case. Contact Joe Stampone today to get the experience and team you deserve. 


Hire Us to Win Your Watercraft Accident Lawsuit Settlement

A boating accident can turn an afternoon of fun into years of pain and suffering. Make sure you have the legal team at your side that gets you every dime of compensation that you deserve. Contact Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway today. We offer free consultations to ensure you can share your story and experience, and we can start building a winning case.