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Triathlon and Ironman Accident Attorney

Leading Ironman and Triathlon Injury Lawyer Based in Philadelphia

At Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway, we sponsor a series of triathlons run by DelMo Sports, including the Women’s Philadelphia Triathlon, Tri Atlantic City, Tri the Wildwoods, and the famous Escape the Cape triathlon held in Cape May, NJ. We know how grueling and intense these races, and even training, can be. Some athletes take that training and grow it into Ironman competitions, a grueling combination of a near two-and-a-half-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and a marathon, or 26.2-mile run, to end it. 

With such an immense investment in time, energy, and money, there’s little that’s more devastating than an injury that ends it all. If the negligence of another party caused that injury, you have every right to pursue compensation. Choose the team of triathlon accident attorneys at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway to fight at your side.


How Can You Be Injured in a Triathlon or Ironman?

With races as grueling as triathlons can be, there’s no question that injuries occur. Most participants preparing for these feats of athleticism are aware of the things that can happen while training for and on the day of the race. These common triathlon injuries include:

  • Swimmer’s shoulder
  • Sprains and strains
  • Stress fractures
  • Runner’s knee
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Shin splints

While these injuries are what athletes look out for while training and competing, there are also severe and life-changing injuries that can be caused by negligent drivers, boaters, organizations, groundskeepers, and even other participants. If a serious injury or death has taken a toll on you and your family, it’s time to give us a call.


What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Triathlon Sporting Accident?

The long-term effects of Ironman and triathlon injuries caused by negligence can be physical, emotional, mental, and financial. Surgeries and physical therapy may be required, but the damages go so much deeper. The emotional toll compounded by the mental trauma at knowing your life has changed cannot be measured. Add to that the financial losses, be it loss of income, the cost of medical bills, or lifestyle modifications, and it can feel like there’s no way to recover. That’s where Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway steps in. Our experienced and aggressive trial attorneys fight for you, ensuring every detail of your case is heard, so you can receive the compensation you deserve. 


Win Your Ironman Injury or Triathlon Accident Settlement With Help From Us

Triathlon athletes understand the importance of pushing through difficult challenges to get the win, and that’s exactly how Joe Stampone and his team of attorneys fight for you. We’ve helped clients recover millions in damages, and we’re ready to hear your case and do the same for you. Let’s talk.