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Forklift & Crane Accident Lawyer

Leading Crane & Forklift Accident Attorneys Based in Philadelphia

When operating heavy machinery on the job site, like cranes and forklifts, operators are required to be certified, ensuring they know exactly how to handle their machine. Unfortunately, accidents still occur, causing devastating and live-changing injuries as well as death. If your crane or forklift accident was caused by the negligence of other parties, whether it’s an employer, a third-party contractor, manufacturer, or otherwise, you need to call the crane and forklift accident attorneys at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway. We understand the laws that govern these types of machines and the dangers operators and construction workers can be placed in when safety protocols are not present and enforced. 


What Causes a Crane Accident?

Depending on the construction site, a crane can be one of the most important machines there. They can dramatically reduce the amount of work necessary to get the job done, but they can also increase the risk of construction accidents or deaths when safety standards aren’t in place and enforced. Accidents from cranes include:

  • Construction workers struck by debris that falls from the crane,
  • Crane collapse caused by exceeding weight limits or poor machine maintenance,
  • Improper crane usage, including subpar rigging, improper positioning of the crane, or dangerous setup,
  • Crane collisions caused by objects swinging or the crane arm colliding with a structure, and
  • Rolling and tipping cranes while they’re moving to a new location on the construction site.

While crane operators are often seen as the most at-risk person in a crane accident, all construction workers are put in danger when negligence occurs with crane manufacturing or usage. Whether you were injured by the crane or a load it was carrying, or you experienced the death of a loved one, you need construction experts like Joe Stampone’s team of lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve. 


What Causes a Forklift Accident?

Forklifts make moving loads easier than ever, but they are dangerous machines when they’re not safely operated or safety standards around the forklift are not enforced. When a forklift accident occurs, it is typically for one of these three reasons: 

  • The forklift tips over due to unsafe driver operation, unbalanced loads, or falling debris that strikes the forklift;
  • The forklift driver attempts to exit the forklift as it’s tipping or a bystander is crushed or run over as the forklift is falling; and
  • The forklift itself was defective when it arrived on the job site from the manufacturer. Examples of defects include missing safety mirrors, non-working warning devices like horns, missing safety posts or operator restraints. 

To win your case, you need the expert team of forklift accident lawyers at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway. We dive deep into the details of the accident to find all parties responsible for your injury or your loved one’s death. 


Win Your Crane Accident & Forklift Accident Settlements With Help From Us

Workers’ compensation is only one avenue we can help you pursue when a crane or forklift accident or death occurs. We’ll also look into third-party liability to ensure that you and your family are compensated for the loss of work, the medical bills, and your pain and suffering. We investigate the scene of the accident, interview other employees and coworkers, and obtain all the necessary evidence required from your construction accident to get you and your loved ones justice. 

Don’t wait to file your claim, talk to Joe Stampone and his team of experts. Our consultations are always private and free, and we’ll help you understand the steps we need to take to move your case forward.

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