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Construction Accident Attorney

Leading Construction Accident Lawyer based in Philadelphia

Construction is a dangerous industry. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, 20% (1 in 5) of all workplace deaths occur in the construction industry. Countless more construction accidents result in non-fatal but life-changing injuries. As a construction worker, you deserve to work in a safe environment, and when that safety is violated, you need our team of experts with Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway to protect your rights and win your case for you and your family. 


What Are the Most Common Accidents in Construction?

Many construction accidents occur when someone fails to ensure safety measures are in place for everyone on the job. For some injured workers or families who have experienced a construction-related death, there’s a misconception that only worker’s comp will provide compensation. While our team of experienced construction attorneys understand how to help you navigate worker’s compensation claims, we also explore other avenues of fault due to third party negligence. We identify all parties responsible for your injuries and hold them accountable. The most common accident cases we’ve represented on behalf of our clients and their families include:

If you’ve experienced one of these common injuries, or a related death of a loved one, contact Joe Stampone today. 


What Are the 4 Main Causes of Construction Accidents?

Our experienced construction lawyers see a lot of cases, and most of construction accidents fall into four categories:

  • Burns & Electrocutions
    Improper breakers and fuses, equipment that hasn’t been grounded, modified equipment, lack of protective gear—we’ve seen it all. Burn and electrocution injuries can cause life-altering injuries, emotional turmoil, and even death. Trust our lawyers to guide you through the claims process to get the compensation you deserve.


  • Building & Structural Collapses
    Unsecured structures, improperly reinforced trenches, lack of training, and architectural design flaws can all play a major role in building and structural collapses. If you’ve experienced one of the most preventable accidents on a construction jobsite, you need Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway in your corner to help you fight against the responsible parties.


  • Forklift, Crane, & Heavy Machinery Accidents
    There’s a reason you have to be certified to work most heavy machinery on a construction jobsite. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen due to improper maintenance, poor machine construction, lack of safety features and more. When companies fail to ensure your safety when it comes to heavy machinery handling, we’re here to fight for your losses.


  • Roofing Accidents & Falls
    From open, unsecured elevator shafts to poor weather during rooftop work, the hazards that exist on a construction job site are numerous. That’s why education, training, and safety equipment are so important. When you’re not given those to do your job safely, and you’re injured or a family member is killed, you need our team to hold responsible parties accountable.

While these may be the most common categories of construction-related injuries, there are many ways that workplace negligence can cause an accident on the construction job site. Give us a call to share the details of your case today.


Need a Construction Accident Attorney? Contact Us Today

After a construction accident, the first thing you should do is ensure your employer knows about the accident. From there, it’s time to call our team of experts. You and your family deserve compensation for the devastating effects of a construction accident, and we’ve spent years building our reputation both in and out of the courtroom as a team of construction lawyers who help you get justice.