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Electrocution Accident & Burn Injury Lawyer

Leading Electrocution Accident & Burn Injury Attorneys Based in Philadelphia

Burns and electrocution injuries can be catastrophic, and they can change the lives of both the person injured and their families—due to astronomical medical and rehabilitation costs. Whether your injury was caused by an explosion, toxic chemical, defective personal protective equipment (PPE), mechanical failure or another construction-related accident, you need to contact Joe Stampone and the lawyers at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway. 


What Are the 4 Degrees of Burn Injuries?

The burn injuries that can occur on a construction job can range from blistering and inflammation to total tissue destruction. Burn injuries can be caused by a fire, electrical shock, explosion, exposure to chemicals, and more, but the injuries themselves are judged in terms of degrees. Here are the four degrees of burn injuries:

  • First-degree burns: The most frequent type of burn injury, a first-degree burn can be caused by a brief touch to a heated surface or a sunburn. These injuries can cause pain and inflammation, as well as introduce bacteria that cause infection.


  • Second-degree burns: These burns go through your skin—both the outer and inner layer, and they can be caused by anything from boiling water to chemicals and unsecured heat sources. Blisters, red skin, peeling, and intense pain can all be the result of a second-degree burn.


  • Third-degree burns: At this level of burn injury, the skin is destroyed, and the tissue underneath is affected as well, including muscles, sinew, nerves, and more. These burns require much more drastic methods of treatment to repair scarring and damaged flesh.


  • Fourth-degree burns: When a construction worker suffers fourth-degree burns, the results can be both life-threatening and catastrophic. Survival often requires amputation, grafting, and long-term hospital stays, along with life-long treatments to minimize scarring and rehabilitate. 

If you’ve been living with pain, high medical bills, and lost income, or if you lost your loved one due to construction site negligence, our burn injury lawyers work with compassion to ensure you’re compensated for both the damages and your recovery.


What Are the 4 Types of Injuries Caused by Electrocution or Electric Shock?

As electrical injury attorneys, we’ve seen what can happen to clients on a construction job site, and the results can be devastating to both the injured person and their families. According to the National Library of Medicine, the most common injuries caused by electric currents include: 

  • Heart-related injuries, such as cardiac arrest, due to the effect of electricity on the heart,
  • Tissue destruction, including muscle and nerves, as the electrical current moves through the body,
  • Burns as skin contacts the source of electricity, and
  • Falling or a related injury after contact has been made with electricity. 

While there are many injuries that result from electric shock or electrocution, make no mistake that on construction sites, they are most commonly related to negligence by either the employer or a third party. You don’t have to live without bringing all liable people and companies to justice. You deserve compensation, so give Joe Stampone a call today.


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Construction work is hard work but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be safe work. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an electrocution or burn injury accident, you need Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway to stand for your rights to a safe work environment on the construction site and get you the compensation you deserve. Our decades of experience has ensured that we know the ins and outs of construction injuries and how to get our clients justice. Don’t wait another moment—our consultations are compassionate, thorough, and most importantly, free.