Hardly a day goes by where I don’t pause to appreciate those who have paved the way for my family to succeed in all aspects of life. Whether it be a 30-year-old law practice; our growing SOUTH FLORIDA restaurant business or performance on the collegiate athletic fields, it all starts with a fundamental foundation. So what does this have to do with how Italian food conquered the world you might wonder – everything!.

In his book of the same title, John F. Mariani chronicled the history of how Italian food and culture won its way into our hearts, minds and stomachs, and in doing so became the world’s most popular cuisine and a global obsession. Mariani’s book, although equal parts history, sociology and gastronomy, is for me, a story of a people who have influenced the world through a slow but sure perseverance, and an imaginative genius of putting substance above all else. It is a story of immigrants of courage and ingenuity flavored by the same simplicity and sophistication that allows all successful businesses to succeed. These enterprising immigrants who survived in this country primarily by catering to their own neighbors by opening cafés and pastry shops, gelato parlors and cheese shops, had discovered that their success was driven by the purity of their ingredients; their dedication to hard work; and, their love for their family who worked side-by-side for a common goal. A true team! None but a handful had any experience or training running a business, but they possessed the innate tools, qualities and human resources which are indispensable to any successful business venture. Their work ethic was unsurpassed.

It is with this same perseverance, imagination, purity of substance, ingenuity, courage, enterprise, hard work and dedication that our family at Stampone Law approach everything we do and every client we represent. We love what we do! It may just be true, everything I am, I owe to spaghetti- like family- a constant source of comfort, inspiration and immense satisfaction.

Sidebar: John F. Mariani is the food and travel columnist for Esquire magazine and wine columnist for Bloomberg news. The Philadelphia Inquirer has called him” the “most influential food- wine critic in the popular press.” He is also a three-time award nominee by the James Beard foundation.