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Holiday Hazards

While the vast majority of our holiday season is spent making memories both merry and bright with family and friends, there is an undeniable sense of impending dread that hovers over this time of year like a dense fog. No, it isn’t the ghosts of Christmas past,...

Potential Off-Premises Liability of Bars and Restaurants

Business owners are responsible for damages from injuries that occur on their premises. When a patron leaves the business’ premises, one would think any injury occurring afterwards would be no worry to the business. Think again. There are a few scenarios where a bar...

Memorial Day Weekend Accident Statistics

Memorial Day Weekend is collectively recognized as the unofficial kick-off to the summer season. Although the warm waters and high temperatures of late July are still quite a ways off, hundreds of thousands will gladly flock to various Shore points across New Jersey to revel in the summer spirit and reconnect with seasonal friends.

Fatal Occupational Injuries

Safety should be the most important aspect of any job. Unfortunately, in too many instances, it is an afterthought.   Maintaining proper safety at work, which demands careful planning and attention to detail, is imperative for worker productivity, health, and...

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Traumatic Brian Injury (“TBI”) is a contributing factor to an estimated 1/3 of all injury-related deaths in the United States. Every year, an approximately 1.5 million individuals sustain a TBI. Roughly 75% of these are classified as a “mild” traumatic brain injury involving concussion.

Meet the Team: Dr. Blum

Dr. Matthew D. Blum began working as a trial attorney at Stampone Law in the beginning of January.  With a background in education, medicine, and law he is a highly versatile attorney who has already proven to be an integral member of Stampone Law’s...

Children’s Toy Recalls: What You Should Know

Now that we’ve finally reached the holly jolly heights of December, the Christmas season is officially upon us. Although we’d be remiss if we didn’t first take time to acknowledge the attempts made by a growing number of large corporations to force...




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