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Meet the Team: Andrea Sasso

Andrea Sasso knows a little bit about defending clients against lawsuits.  She served as a defense lawyer for several years before joining her old Widener University School of Law classmate Kevin O’Brien at Stampone Law in September.   Now on the side of...

The Deadly Amtrak Train Derailment of 2015: 1.5 Years Later

More than 8,500 people were hurt last year in accidents that occurred along the 200,000-plus miles of track that make up our country’s sprawling railroad system, according to data published in the latest quarterly report from the U.S. Bureau of...

Navigating Car Insurance and Accidents in PA and NJ

Car insurance and accidents can be a stressful topic.  Especially when you live in an area where you regularly cross state lines.  Like all states in the nation, both Pennsylvania and New Jersey require their residents to have car insurance.  When selecting insurance...

Meet the Team: Debbie Edelman

Debbie Edelman has worked with attorneys her entire career and knows what makes Stampone Law special. “We talk about Stampone as being family oriented and we are," she explained. " It’s the team aspect.  We know about each other, we have a great rapport,...

The Dangers of Posting to Social Media in Personal Injury Cases

You get into an accident: what is the first thing you do? Most likely you call friends or family and alert them to what has happened. These days however, it’s also quite common to see accident victims posting information on their social media accounts....

Watercraft Liability: What You Need To Know

Taking a ride out on the water this weekend? We’re excited for you! Whether you are planning a trip for fishing, watersports or just relaxing with friends or family, there is no denying the joys of being out on a boat or wave runner in the hot summer...

Who is Liable for Bicycle Accidents in Philadelphia?

Spring is here and as sure as the flowers bloom cyclists will hit city streets in droves. Philadelphia is home to over 435 miles of bike lanes not to mention beautiful waterfront and off-path trails. The City of Brotherly Love is superb for bikers, that...




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