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When you join a gym, fitness center, or even fitness program, you’re likely looking to improve yourself. Perhaps you want to get stronger, lose weight, or just be part of a community of people with similar goals. But what happens if you or a family member is injured or worse? Most companies and programs will start off your membership by signing a liability waiver of some kind, making you feel like you can’t take any legal action when the worst happens. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You have every right to recover damages due to a gym or fitness center’s negligence.


Can I Sue if I’m Injured at a Gym?

Most of us have been there—you’re going for a personal record and you overdo it. Maybe you pull a muscle, tweak a joint, or just plain don’t feel well after going too hard at the gym or using a machine outside of its intended use. When this happens, you’ll likely have to lick your wounds and recover on your own—and take it easy when you get back to training. But what if you were hurt because your fitness center or gym did something wrong? When this happens, you want to talk to the gym injury attorneys at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway. We’ll be able to help you understand your options and how you can get the compensation you deserve. 


What Are the Most Common Causes of Gym Injuries?

Were you injured at the gym or fitness center because of something outside of your control? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, gym owners cut corners too to keep their profit margins sizable. When they do, these are the most common reasons for those injuries:

  • Unsafe Environment & Conditions: The moment you pull into the parking lot of your favorite workout spot, you’re guaranteed by law to have a safe, maintained environment. From the sidewalks to the locker rooms, owners are required to ensure there are no hazards present. When this doesn’t happen, gym members pay the price.


  • Defective Equipment: The tools we use to get fit and maintain our fitness must be both functional and safe. When the gym purchases a machine with defects they didn’t know about, terrible things can happen—and we can hold the manufacturer accountable.


  • Poorly Maintained Equipment: The moment a machine arrives at the gym, the business is required to do regular safety checks and maintenance to keep that machine in working order. If the machines aren’t maintained or broken parts are ignored, life-changing injuries or worse could happen. In this case, it’s important that the gym or fitness center pays for the damages they caused.


  • Improper or Medically Negligent Training: If you enlist the services of a trainer at your fitness center, you’re expecting professional advice that takes into account your limitations in everything you do. If you’re pushed down a training path that is unsafe or exacerbates medical issues, there can be devastating consequences.


  • Other Members: Gym members must be responsible for their training space and appropriate equipment use. Too often, people are injured or worse at their favorite workout spot because another member failed to prioritize safety in their training. When this happens, they can be held responsible.


You deserve to feel safe in any fitness or gym program you enroll in. When someone’s negligence is the cause of your pain and suffering, you need Joe Stampone and his team of experienced gym accident lawyers at your side. 


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From medical bills to lost wages, gym accidents can be expensive and leave you feeling like you have no options. Our fitness injury attorneys at Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway understand how to navigate these cases, from overcoming liability waivers to proving negligence on the part of the business owner, trainer, or gym member. You’re not alone. We’re ready to hear about your experience and build a case that compensates you for your pain and suffering. Best of all, the consultation is free.