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Frank Mallon


Frank Mallon graduated from LaSalle University with his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 1976, and from that same University with his Masters in Business Administration degree specializing in Finance in 1980. He has remained affiliated with LaSalle University by serving as an adjunct instructor in the department of Economics for the past 23 years. Frank has served as the Controller of Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway since 2003 and he also utilizes his skills to provide litigation support in the form of financial review and assessment across a broad spectrum of cases.

Frank has the business acumen and first-hand experience to predict and understand the issues associated with running a business and he has the personality and drive to effectively implement the best course of action in dealing with those issues. Frank has effectively utilized these talents throughout his professional career and has been rewarded with numerous promotions along the way. Before joining Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Holloway, Frank spent his professional life working in the manufacturing sector. He rose from the position of Controller to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of a $25 million dollar greeting card manufacturing company, as well as a Director of Operations of a $20 million dollar Flexographic label manufacturing company. These two positions fostered Frank’s hands-on approach to dealing with and resolving business issues and his ability to effectively interact with all levels of personnel within an organization to attain the desired results.

Frank has worked in publicly traded corporate environments and also in much smaller privately owned entrepreneurial environments. Prior to Frank managing the greeting card company, that organization had experienced a lack of timely product delivery and poor quality control. Frank was put in charge and worked with his sales team to rebuild relations and trust with the customer base. He integrated production and communications with all key vendors to ensure coordination of material and machine availability. He stayed actively involved in all phases of the operation and his organization responded with 100% on-time delivery of product that met all customer quality expectations.

Frank’s broad academic and professional experience provides him with the ability to identify best solutions to produce an efficient workplace. He has directed a complete reengineering of the operations of two long established businesses incorporating key individuals in the process to identify and eliminate inefficiencies. Frank’s “hands-on” approach allowed this process to be embraced by all involved and led to much improved operations both in the office and on the production floor. He has also trained office personnel and established procedures to allow him to provide oversight and management of a multi-unit restaurant operation.

Frank’s many years of teaching experience has developed his skill in elevating the performance of those around him helping them to reach their potential. His analytical skills have also helped him eliminate waste and misuse of company resources. A perfect example of this was Frank’s uncovering embezzlement one week after he joined a new Firm, and then playing a key role in assisting authorities with the technical data to successfully prosecute the perpetrator.

Frank has developed excellent writing and communication skills through his varied experience. He uses these talents not only to ensure clarity in his verbal communications, but also in memorializing written direction to allow compliance with company procedures.

In addition to his work as an adjunct at LaSalle, Frank’s personal interests primarily revolve around his family. He enjoys cooking and has served over 15 years as basketball and baseball coach for his son’s athletic organization. Frank and his wife Denise have been married for 27 years and are the proud parents of two fine sons.

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